Transnistria IS

Transnistria is a small state in the south-west of Europe. It borders on Ukraine in the east and Moldavia in the west. Officialy it is unrecognized republic within Moldavia.

Territory – 4 163 sq. m.

Population – 517 963

Tiraspol is the capital. Other cities are Bendery, Rybnica, Dubossary, Kamenka, Slobodsia, Grigoriopol, Dnestrovsk. Transnistria occupies a narrow strip of land along the river Dniester. People of different nationalities live there.

The majority of population adhere to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, at the same time there are a lot of representatives of other faiths.

There are three official languages: Moldavian, Ukrainian and Russian.

Transnistria is a presidential republic. State is proclaimed on September 2, 1990 at the Second Congress of Deputies. The second of September is the Day of Republic.

The republic has all the attributes of sovereign state: the president, who is  elected  to a five year term by popular vote; the parliament (The Supreme Soviet); its own judicial, law – enforcement and defense systems; government budget; state symbols.
To ensure the economic with qualified labor force there is a network of higher education institutions, which includes 3 universities, 5 branches of Russian and 2 branches of Ukrainian universities. The leading higher education institution is Transnistrian State University (one of the first universities in Moldavia).

In the republic operates the state radio and television.
A lot of periodicals are here: newspapers – “Pridnestrovie” (in Russian language), “Ghomin” (in Ukrainian), “Adeverul Nistryan” (in Moldavian); magazines – “Transnistrian economic”, “Transnistrian heritage”, “Historical Almanac of Transnistria” and many others.



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