Connect with Transnistria

You want to contact someone in Transnistria, but your cell phone says: “This number doesn’t exist” or something similiar to this. There is one good way to solve this situation.

On the website of Transnistrian mobile  network provider you can send free messages, as many as you want, but this page, unfortunately in Russian. The website also has English, but in English not all the information is available.

I will describe how to send the message, ’cause it could be complicated to do in Russian.

So, firstly, go to the and click on the phrase which is circled in red. It says “Send a message” = Отправить sms

After this, the window for typing a message will be opened. It looks like the picture below.  All transnistrians cell phones have mobile dialing code. You need to choose the code. Chose between 777, 778, 779 they are for cell phones. In the next box put the number, it consists of 5 symbols. Then, it is clear, I guess, write your text. Put the code, which you see on the bottom edge and click “Отправить” = Send – it is circled in red.

2 step

2After clicking on this button, the last picture will say that your message was successfully  sent.



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