Women making history!


On 10th of June Transdniestrian Ministry was added with one more pretty woman. From now Oksana Bulanova will head the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. Her candidacy for this post has been approved by the President of Pridnestrovie – Yevgeny Shevchuk.
There are ten ministers in PMR, six of them are women.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is headed by Nina Shtanski:



Maija Parnas is the Minister of Economic Development:


Olga Dubrovina is the Minister of Justice:


The Minister of Finance is Elena Girzhul:


Oksana Bulanova is the new head of Ministry of Labor and Social Security:


The Minister of Education is Svetlana Fadeeva:


Wikipedia: “Increasing women’s representation in government is necessary to achieve gender parity”. We are on our way to it!


2 thoughts on “Women making history!

  1. Ещё Туранскую пропустили (председательница правительства). Шевчук себе знатный гарем набрал.

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