Must visit place! (Tiraspol)

One of my favourite place I like to show travellers is Central Market, so called „Green Market”. It is in very centre of Tiraspol. Why exactly this place? – Probably, for people from post soviet countries there is nothing special but for western people, it is really attractive.

Here you can sample almost everything you want before you purchase (even milk or meat). So sometimes if you are hungry it is cool to go there and just try everything (but of course it will be more polite to buy a thing you really fell in love with, there are must be such, for sure).

Tiraspol central market

Moreover, this is the place where you will meet real ordinary people.

And the third and probably one of the most important advantage of that place – there you will find ECO products. As a rule such „eco” goods are presented by elderly people who grow these products theirselves, without any harmful chemical ingridients. You will not find such a place in Western Europe, at least I haven’t met it yet.

On that market you will find plenty of weird, tasty, disgust and nice things…


Pickled watermelons (I have never tried it before, so don’t ask me whether it good or not) :)

Homemade horseradish, cranberries, 100% home fresh eggs….

Home parsley just for 0,18$

Home parsley just for 0,18$

Marinated stuffed tomatoes

Marinated stuffed tomatoes



Moldavian national cheese – Brynza. A million times better than your supermarket’s feta. Great for salads!!!

Tiraspol's green market


Cereal for cooking the main Christmas meal – “Kutia”.


Home milk (average price is about 1$ for litr)


Home butter. One kg was 85 TR ( =7, 08 $), in not holiday time it costs about 5$.


The way you should degustate sour cream ;)


My polish couchsurfer from Belgium was really glad.



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