Entertainment in Tiraspol

Tiraspol – the capital of The Dniester Republic is a quite small city but it does not mean that we don’t have nice places for spending our free time. We have the same places as many of you.

The idea to write about it came to me because some people think that Transnistria, Naddniestrze, PMR or doesn’t matter how do you call it, is a tribe or a desert or … something that has stopped in the past and not developed at all. I don’t think so.

1. Ice-skating rink. (Quite big!)

Ice-skating rink, Tiraspol

2. Bowling. On the picture it is Villa Rich

But there are many others places for bowling.
Villa Rich

3. Anti cafe “FreeДом”It is a place where you can assign a date to the girl, gather with friends or come with your gf or bf to have fun and to relax in interesting way, play exciting board games,  or watch a 3D movie on a big screen, read the bestsellers or read a new magazine, play air hockey or Xbox, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with sweets absolutely for free. Or just to participate in interesting seminars, master-classes, creative and musical evenings.

You only pay for the time, the rest is for FREE!


4. Paintball club “Phoenix”

5. Billiards



6. Saunas. Quite popular to visit such places to relax. We have a lot of them.

On the pictures it is VVP Club Hotel. English version of their website:



7. Karaoke and Night Clubs
Baccarat Club https://ru.foursquare.com/v/baccarat/4f024884722e0f07745234dc/photos


Vintage Club



Viliya Club


8. Social Club “19”. There are a lot of workshops, exhibition of transnistrian youth ( or not), concerts, board games… Everything you can really imagine can be there ;) I like this place.
The web page is in Russian, Google Translator will help you for sure ;)



9. Amusement Park. “Victory Park”

Amusement park "Victory" Tiraspol






10.  Enjoy walking in the botanical garden


10. In summer swim and have fun in open swimming pools.

Water attractions Tiraspol


I have not listed all the places here, but to my mind it is the most popular ones.


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