Easter in Transnistria

The majority of Transnistrian population adheres to Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
This year our Easter was on the same dates as Catholic’s one – on the 20th of April.
Our Easter traditions are very close to Russian ones. It means that we can not imagine Easter without Kulich or Paska.

It is first time when I spent it not at home (not in Transnistria) so I baked it myself. They say it was tasty ;)Easter in Transnistria


But thanks to great location and history of Transnistria, we are also affected by Ukrainian, Moldovan and Polish traditions for the Easter (just some of them).

In the night we go to the church for mass that longs about 5 hours and after it is time for “the blessing of the Easter baskets”. Of course a lot of people come just for bless the food and they don’t stay during whole mass. 

There is different kind of food in our baskets. In my family we usually put there; Kulich, decorated eggs, horseradish, salt, ham, some vegetables. I know it is also common to put  wine to the basket. ;)

After “food blessing”  we back home and have family Easter breakfast. Firstly, we eat food which was blessed.

If you want to see how the whole process in the  church looks like, here is good website, created by some nice guys from Transnistria http://river.md/reportazh/doc_7/  – it is video and pictures from one of the Transnistrian village.



9 thoughts on “Easter in Transnistria

  1. There is no evidence of this information on Transnistrian websites. It is a fake.
    And yes, it is better to come from Moldova side (because of situation in Ukraine).

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