Souvenir shop

This is the best place to buy souvenirs in Tiraspol. Many of them are made by transnistrians. There are a lot of things which are not available in any other places all over the world :) So worth to see and of course to buy ;)

What I usualy bring from Transnistria for my international friends? Well, it depends. But firstly of course “KVINT” brandy, Tiroteks textile which is really high quality – it’s not just mine opinion, some food which is not available in Poland where I study and everytime I’m trying to find unique souvenirs, so enjoy this post:
Souvenirs in Tiraspol

Wood souvenirs

Plate with symbol of Transnistria

Variety of souvenirs

From Tiraspol with Love - pilow

Handmade bijouterie

Putin souvenir!


Just buy as more as you can!

Souvenirs from wood

Bottle from a pumpkin

The bottle is made from pumpkin. This one was for 125 Transnistrian rubles (about 11 $). This is the smallest one.


Pumpkin bottle

A lot of such bottles! And bigger sizes are also available. I bought one of them for my polish friend, he was so happy :) It’s awesome present!


The name of the shop is “Art Salon” = Художественный салон. It is situated on the main streer, very close to main square. The address is: 25th October Str 76, Tiraspol. Here is the link to Google Maps –,29.615465,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x1255248457f3bf65

This is actually the shop. Not very beautiful from outside, but what is inside will make you stay there longer then you expect :)

Art Salon in Tiraspol

Art Salon Tiraspol



11 thoughts on “Souvenir shop

    • Postcards are also available in many other shops, of course in the Post Office as well and “Дом Книги” – “The House of Book” – which is also on the main street, offers maps, magnets and postcards.

  1. Hello, I have been to Tiraspol for 3 hours last week and I forgot to buy postacrds… Would you be able to send me some to Poland? With best regards,

  2. I’m from Tiraspol too. You have the really interesting blog :-) By the way, I didn’t know about the pyramids in Vladimirovka. Respect!

  3. Great article and like many others I backpacked through Tiraspol but couldn’t find postcards (even in the post office) nor did I see this shop. Excellent blog! Safe travels. Jonny

    • Actually I don’t understand why it is always a problem for travellers to find postcards, you can find them in every press kiosk, and there are quite a lot of them all over Tiraspol. In postoffice you can find postcards as well ;)

  4. Hudojestvennyi salon is now closed, but the central bookstore works seven days a week. They have magnets, maps, flags and other jobs, they also took my postcards for sale, those handmade postcards, Transnistria in drawings by Time Turner sketchbook. Check it out
    The adress is 25 october street, 85, Dom Knigi / Дом книги. Google map –

    • Wow your postcards are so cool :) I was always looking for something like this. That’s a pity, they closed. They had a lot of nice stuff.

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