Don’t go to Egypt – go to Transnistria!

Once, on some late meeting with my friends, they said:”We are going to pyramids, are you going?”  – „Pyramids?” – „Yes, haven’t you heard about it? It is in Vladimirovka village, on the way to Odessa.”

I have not heard about it and that evening I didn’t go with them, but my couchsurfer-friend from Italy did. So next day he told me he wanted to go there once again to see it in daylight. And we went to Vladimirovka. I have never been there before, and my friend was there only in the night, by car and he didn’t speak Russian, so the only thing we knew about location of pyramids is that they are near Vladimirovka village. So the answer  for the driver’s question „where are you going?”  was „to pyramids near Vladimirovka”. Can you imagine his reaction? O_o  „Excuse me, where?” – „Em… let’s go to Vladimirovka, and then we see”.

It takes about 20 min to go there, but the taxi-driver, who was probably afraid of us, was asking for more details, but I told him, that unfortunately I don’t know where it is exactly, that my friend had been there in the night, so now it is hard to say for him where it is. I would not be surprised if he thought „What have they smoked?”.
For sure I would have reacted in the same way on an english speaking guy and a girl who are looking for a pyramid in a Godforsaken village in Transnistria.

I will not describe in details how, finally, we had reached our goal, but we did it. Just tell you one more thing, there was going a soldier (because an army point was near) and I asked driver to stop to ask him. „Excuse me, do you know how can we get to pyramids?” – „Yes, of course, take this road, it is in the end of it, you’ll see it”. Now the taxi driver was really curious, someone apart of us knows about mystical pyramids.
He went out of the car, spent 2 minutes to see all around, and he drove away with a „Thanks God, I’m still alive” face. ;)

piramids in Transnistri village

It was a little bit scary to open the door of the biggest pyramid. But the level of our curiosity was much more stronger.

village Transnistria

village Transnistria

village Transnistria

Suddenly a man came in. It was the creator of pyramids –  sculptor and architect Mikhail Solovyov, his house is just next to pyramids.  We talked a lot. He said he had built the pyramids on his own budget. As we understood the main function of these buildings is to concentrate certain energy from the environment and relay it to the person in need of revitalization and healing of ailments.

His pyramids are a skeleton sheathed with copper sheet and reinforced with powerful capacitor. For therapeutic purposes, he uses a different type of rods, copper and silver, each pair of them has different content (minerals). Paved path around the pyramid consists of the same minerals, Mikhail Nikolaevich highly recommends everyone to walk barefoot on the pebbles around the pyramid.

After this I have been there some times, last time was in the beginning of October, 2014; all the pictures are  from this time. When my mom had been there, she said there was a queue to enter the pyramid.
It depends on your commitment and interest, to believe in the therapeutic properties of these pyramids or not, but surely, this place has a special aura, and it is worth seeing.

Pyramids in Transnistria


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