Creating this blog I want to open real Transnistria to foreigners, I know how it looks like from inside, because I live there and I love my motherland.  Will tell about tradition, prices, rules, forbiddances, history, people… all what you might be interested in. I hope it will help travellers to enter Transnistria. Together we will break the stereotypes.

My name is Susanna. I am native Transnistrian. I lived here for over 18 years and just couple of months ago moved to Poland to study in the University. No, it is not bad in my country, just in my age it is common to have a pation to discover everything around you, to travel and to try everything you can, and even cannot ;). So after graduating from the University I plan to come back to Transnistria.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. hello. I’m from Romania. in fact I’m from Iasi which is only 200 miles from Tiraspol.
    most of us don’t want to ocupate Transnistria. there may be some extremists but in today’s world borders shouldn’t be so important.
    lately cyrillic alphabet seems interesting to me.
    russian language was like a punishment to us during comunism. but those days are gone, I hope!
    I hope of a day where neighbours teritorries will leave in peace.
    I’m so sad when I see conflicts based on nationality..In fact, I find it stupid. For example in my family ancestors were of ukrainian/russian origin. And in general there are lots of families where ethnicity is mixed.
    “war” should be and archaic word. even “cold war” as it is in this part of Europe (except Ukraine where unfortunately things get out of hand).
    we should respect each other and see the good parts ..and always listen the what the other one has to say.
    humanity evolved we should not make the same choises that were made centuries ago.
    I find it very interesting that you chose to study in Poland one of the countries with the biggest progress of economy among European Union! I hope you take the good part from there and apply in your country when you’ll be back. No system is perfect, that’s why I think conflicts based on ideology/nationality should be a matter of past..

    I would be curios to know if you have friend that are Romanian/Moldovans ethnicity..and how teens get along with each other.
    and, if you can come to Romania, the land of choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzeKCMNYBew :)

  2. “Transnistria” is the name by which the Romanian fascists called the territory they occupied beyond the Dniester. What atrocities they were doing here, I think, do not need reminding. Anyone who calls Pridnestrovie as “Transnistria”, makes himself a ideological accomplice of the genocide of our people.

    • Yes, I know.it. It was confusing to create the name of the blog. And of course historically it is a mistake. But majority of foreighners don’t know the name “Pridnestrovie”, and when they search in the internet for some information about our country, they use the word “Transnistria”, that’s why my blog has such name, to my mind that will attract more viewers, and more people will learn about PMR.

  3. Susa, we are immigrants in Transnistria from US. If you have returned from your studies, let us meet up one day.

    Mike and Shakira

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